Stay ahead of the game with World Sports Predict (WSP) is the world’s first sports prediction portal that uses a unique model of calculation to describe matches and their most likely outcomes across multiple sports. WSP’s aim is to let sports lovers everywhere stay ahead of the game, every day.

The predictions now include most cricket matches, selected football matches from the European leagues, popular rugby matches, and tennis grand slams. With its objective of focusing on global sports citizen, WSP aims to start predicting the biggest matches in all major sporting markets – be it football in Europe or cricket in India – with its unique model. Calling its approach the ‘gamification of prediction’, WSP strives to involve its readers and users in the prediction process, making the experience fun and engaging at the same time.

WSP currently boasts of nearly 86% accuracy with more than 1200+ predictions made since 18th October 2015.

While predictions remain’s USP, the portal will soon offer its readers original content created by its team of writers, who analyze global sporting events and latest developments in the sports world to produce well-researched, thought-provoking content. A globally active social platform for sports lovers is in the making as well. We choose to call it, The WSPSAY.

With a regular flow of sports enthusiasts on our website from worldwide, wanting to see the outcome of a popular game, WSP looks forward to a prosperous future.

The global sports industry is revenue took a massive leap from $46.5 billion to $90.9 billion & is expected to grow further, a prediction-based model remains largely uncharted. This is where comes in – a portal primed to stamp its presence on the world.