ENG vs NZ Match 1 05 OCT 23 ICC World Cup 23

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NZ won the toss and chose to bowl first.

ENG are 36/0 in 6 overs.

09:40 UTC

WSP Match Centre


England: 2 down for 79 in 16 overs. Expecting 2 more wickets by the 25th over. New Zealand should be able to keep things under control. England's plan to go over the top will be failed by New Zealand. Santner to do well in his remaining 5 overs.

09:49 UTC

Harry Brook has a strong bottom hand. Why is Ravindra bowling him in his strong zone. New Zealand will have to see the back of him quickly to stay in the game. As we type, Brook gets carried away to his own momentum and after consecutive boundaries, lofts another one towards long on to be dismissed, almost cheaply. Moeen Ali in..

10:04 UTC

So far, New Zealand have a visible command on the game. England are 118/3 in 21 overs. #MoeenAli maybe in two minds keeping the size of the stadium in mind. The boundaries are far far away. Ideally, when new on the crease, singles and doubles should be fine. Six singles of the Rachin Ravindra over. Odds of 0.51 still favours England. That should change quickly.

10:07 UTC

We said that and England have lost Moeen Ali. The odds shift to 0.75 ENG favs. That was a rash cross batted shot. A desperate attempt to get out of the singles. The ball kept low and Phillips already has a wicket in his first over-clean bowled. England do lose 2 wickets by the 25th over. They are 118/4 in 21.2.

10:16 UTC

Welcome to India. 
The odd ball is stopping and keeping low as well. As much, the batters will be forced to play along the line of the ball. Stoop a bit and play close the surface. Since the boundaries are far and long, this will pose challenge to both sides, particularly England, since they already look stranded with 4 wickets down. New Zealand will keep bringing their slow bowlers and bowl stump to stump.

10:30 UTC

England should be restricted around 270. That clearly means, wickets will fall. Sachin Tendulkar says, they should score around 300. After all, he is the Great Sachin Tendulkar

10:35 UTC

What is Jimmy Neesham doing? Giving deliveries staright enough with that likable pace to Jos Buttler. He will clear the boundary on the V. He is a master of straight shots. That's when one should use the width of the pitch, go wide at the time of the delivery and try to bowl across. Batter will be forced to play along the square. More likely to get wickets.

10:38 UTC

Well done Joe Root. A fifty in these conditions needs patience and skill he has.

11:10 UTC

England are 214/5 in 37 overs.Two more wickets nearby. New Zealand not keeping the ball within the stumps on a regular basis. The ball can do a lot alone on this wicket since the odd ones keep low and stop a bit too.. Santner has 2 more overs to go. Should be crucial.

11:18 UTC

Jimmy Neesham has absolutely no idea what he is bowling. All the batter has to do is shape the ball in empty spaces. The width therein, is of no good. Dunno, if he is going to contribute with the bat, but he is definitely not bowling as per the conditions. Some easy boundaries given away. ENG: 221/5 in 38.4. As we type, Livingstone is caught out of Boult for 20. Well done Boult.

11:32 UTC

Glenn Phillips keeps the ball stump to stump and we have spoken about the need of it on this pitch, all day. Grabs 2 clean bowled wickets. Our assumption was correct with the look of it, England to score around 270 only.

11:40 UTC

Provide the flight. Give them the access to hit the ball in the air. Nothing wrong with that temptation. They are not going to score 350. With the long boundaries, long off, long on are enough to get them. do have the midwickets too.

11:47 UTC

Yes, Santner provides the inviting flight and the result is Woakes gets out trying to cross the boundary. Caught at midwicket. Santner: We are just worried about Neesham's over, if any.

11:51 UTC

With just one England wicket left, New Zealand become 0.62 favs. England are 254/9 in 46 overs. We said, they will score around 270. They are struggling to reach it at the moment. Prediction wise, our job is done. We said(to those subscribed to our predictions), New Zealand with come around 0.50 favs or better.

12:11 UTC

We were worried for that Jimmy Neesham over, if any. Weren't we. Any other bowler would have done better. One mistake on part of the Kiwi captain. Neesham too looked clueless of what he bowled. You expect better. As a veteran of the game, his wayward balls were always going to cost more. England were struggling to reach 270. They end up pushing it to 282. Even then, the #BlackCaps have made a game out of it. Devon Conway can play well on such wickets. He will have to keep his wicket intact and play the anchor. All well so far.

14:04 UTC

That's it. New Zealand are 0.02 favs. Our prediction is correct to our subscribers. Devon Conway has played the anchor innings. Rachin Ravindra's second home is proving to be fruitful. Don't thnik this game needs another update. See you all in some other game at the WSP Match Centres. Through our Facebook Page: @worldsportspredict and X account: @WSP_Cricket we will keep you updated. For our match prediction subscriptions, you can talk to us on our Wahstapp Account Button through the Facebook Page. Cheers and bbye.